This is the core of your brand’s identity. Logos should be creative, memorable and appropriate for your brand of products. Sometimes, that means they should be really simple. Other times, they need to be really flexible, so colors and words can change or be added and removed easily to support your product lines as you grow. Your logo becomes your identity. That’s a really important thing and it needs quality time spent getting to know you, understanding what makes your products unique, and knowing how to communicate that to consumers in the USA. That’s a level of dedication and experience you just can’t get from people working cheap off-shore.


brand design for San Diego Parks and Recreation

Logo Design | San Diego Parks and Recreation

brand design logo for x-ringer products

Logo Design | X-Ringer

brand design logo for Snacktops

Logo Design | Snacktops

brand design logo for Skinmedica

Logo Design | Skin Medica

brand design logo for Seaside Meditation

Logo Design | Seaside Meditation

brand design logo for Torrey Pines Management

Logo Design | Torrey Pines Management

brand design logo for Sample U

Brand Design | Sample U

brand design logo signature for RCA consumer electronics

Logo Design | RCA Consumer Electronics

brand design logo for Pumpernickel's

Logo Design | Pumpernickel’s

brand design logo for Navy Project zeus

Logo Design | Navy Project Zeus

brand design logo for pacific properties services has large P and circle set text with leaf as the curve in the P

Logo Design | Pacific Properties Services

brand design logo for iSpeech

Logo Design | iSpeech

brand logo design for the nutcracker by San Elijo dance and music academy

Logo Design | The Nutcracker

brand design for logo of Marie's apparel

Logo Design | Marie’s Apparel

brand design logo for living lightly with bird and lettering

Logo Design | Living Lightly

graphic design for iServe logo

Logo Design | iServe

brand design logo for Explore

Logo Design | Explore

brand design logo for exact skin care products

Logo Design | Exact Skin Care




We are brand designers located in San Diego, California with a track record of successful brand design for retail products and services.


We create stunning brand styles with photography, illustrations, color, typography and messaging that catapults your brand through the stratosphere.


We delivery print-ready artwork with attention to detail and our vast knowledge of manufacturing and printing techniques.










When you select Deal Design as your logo designer, you get much more than artwork.

You get a team of experienced and creative brand strategists. We work with you to understand your brands’ unique values and benefits so we can sell them to your customers. With an understanding of the competitive landscape we will create brand designs that ensure your products stand out and your message is clear and unforgettable.

“We support your sales and marketing efforts through creative logo design that captures attention, delivers you value proposition, and helps close the sale. We know the reason we exist is to help you sell and that goal is always in the forefront of our minds.”

– David Deal

We work with your internal marketing, sales, design and product teams to ensure our work meets expectations and brand identity standards. We see our work through to final printing and manufacturing to ensure insure everything runs on time, within budget and the result go beyond expectations.


Your brand’s identity is the embodiment of your product’s value, quality, style and promise of reliability. We are master-crafters of your brand image.


We are experts in capturing photographic images of your product that champion your industrial design, cultural relevance, unique character and quality craftsmanship.


Our designers create custom illustrations that communicate ease-of-use, quick setup, and the why-to-buy message that connect with your customer’s needs.


We employ the written word as a strategic agent for your brand’s message. The right words communicate value quickly, clearly and with authenticity.


Our designers are experts in following FDA packaging regulations for controlled food, drug, skin care and healthcare product packaging to ensure compliance.


We create the CAD dielines for containers and molds that ensure your product packaging is easy to assemble, secure after pack-out and cost-effective to manufacture.


The graphic design phase is where artistry, science and business sense converge and deliver the brand champion that competes and wins in the face of your competition.


We handle the project management and pre-press production for of our work to ensure quality, accuracy, consistence and delivery deadlines.


We know every aspect of print production. We work with you manufactures throughout the process and ensure the final product matches the design you approved.



With a proven track record for successful graphic design that sells products, Deal Design has developed a brand design process that ensures maximum creativity and speed of service while minimizing cost.

    We meet and learn everything you know about your product, its benefits, your customers and your strategic goals. We share everything we know about your product category, similar successful brand design projects, cost-reduction strategies for manufacturing, and winning brand strategies.
    Our team researches the marketplace to understand how your product and brand’s position will sit relative to your competition. This includes a competitive analysis, evaluating point-of-sale locations, and other successful companies that are achieving the results you want. It’s important to stand-out as being different and better than your competition. Our goal is to make your graphic design capture attention immediately, and convert viewers into customers.
    Next, we develop the strategic plan for your brand design. This includes decisions about design strategy, printing and manufacturing materials, size, configuration, printing and manufacturing methods, messaging, imagery, style, attitude, color, photography, illustration and how all of these elements come together in the final brand design. Special attention is given to your target customer to ensure the strategy matches their affinities.
    The key messaging is written that supports the strategy. The best text is short, captivating and immediately conveys the unique value and differentiators of your product. Special attention is given to any FDA compliance regulations that may dictate information displayed on the graphic design. We proof-read and edit text after it goes into the package designs to ensure errors don’t show up in the finished product.
    Our strategy will dictate what raw imagery needs to be photographed or illustrated as part of the design. Our creative team will handle the original photography, illustration and sourcing of stock images if needed. You will approve everything before it appears in the designs. We manage both in-studio and on-location photo shoots which you can be present for to ensure the result meets your expectations.
    This is the phase where everything comes together. Our brand designers create multiple design styles for you to choose from. Often, the winning design is a combination of the best elements from these style options that merge into your brand’s champion, ready to win at the retail battleground. We can create physical 3D mockups of designs during this phase so you can see exactly what the designs will look like when finished.
    When the winning design style is selected, our graphic designers go to work on creating the print-ready electronic files needed to move the design into the pre-press This is where artwork is built to perfectly fit artwork specifications of your printer or manufacturer, color specifications are set, color separations are prepared, and high-resolution images are placed into position. It’s essential to work with your selected printing manufacturer to ensure artwork is setup for their specific machinery needs.
    We act as your agent to ensure the final design manufactured matches the design you approved. Anyone with experience in printing and production can share about the frustrations of how their graphic designs didn’t turn out exactly as expected because of production problems that could have been avoided if artwork was setup a different way ahead of time. We are experts at knowing how to work with manufacturing to deliver exactly what you approved.





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Jeffrey Stern
Jeffrey Stern
18:21 21 Apr 20
We had a great experience working Deal Design. From branding to an awesome new website, the team is creative, experienced and technically skilled—a great combination for a great result.
Janine Miller
Janine Miller
17:38 13 Jan 20
David and his team at Deal Design have helped me bring my pillow product to life through their wonderful services in packaging and photography. They are such a pleasure to work with: kind, supportive, passionate, detail-oriented and open to all of your ideas as they truly believe you are the owner of your own product and your dreams are most important in guiding what you want to deliver to your audience. I cannot thank David and his design team enough for all of their effort and patience in getting my packaging finalized. I recommend their quality in care to anyone interested in finding a phenomenal product packaging team.
Linda Lee
Linda Lee
16:36 28 Oct 19
David Deal Design is the best we had met , David has firm and professional ideas about what would be right for marketing and provided his priceless recommendations for logo, colors, packaging for my purefit insoles project , i will come back again for more of his work .....
16:13 21 Oct 19
James Chun
James Chun
22:16 11 Sep 19
Working with Deal Design has been great. They are very knowledgeable about what works at retail, creative, easy to work with.
Jamie Bonnar
Jamie Bonnar
19:11 15 Feb 19
When we started our new health food company we knew that the packaging and label design were going to play a huge part in attracting customers to our brand. From start to finish David and Nancy have been great to deal with and we are over the moon with the finished product and can’t wait to see it on the shelves. So impressed with how Deal Design handled the whole process we are now in the final formulation stages of our second product and we will be going straight back to the team at Deal to work their magic once more. For anyone seeking a professional and eye catching design I would not hesitate to recommend Deal Design.
Page Chen
Page Chen
16:33 13 Feb 19
Great team - great designs
Pacific Enterprises
Pacific Enterprises
23:11 29 Jan 19
dawn burdick
dawn burdick
23:05 29 Jan 19
Deal Design did an amazing job designing my son’s company logo. They provided creative and varied options and always delivered by their promise dates. I wish all companies were as professional and easy to work with!