Top Product Packaging Design Effects to Elevate Your Product’s Value

By August 20, 2020 Packaging Design Blogs
Packaging Design Effects That Elevate Your Product's Value

Your product’s packaging should be one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy because when it comes to purchasing decisions, buyers really do often judge a book by its cover. 

Though the packaging for your product should be functional and structurally sound, it must also say something about the core tenets of your brand. 

This quote from Carlos Velasco, PhD, who is an author, professor, and founder of the Multisensory Marketing Center, says it all. 

“…until very recently product packaging was considered as something created exclusively to protect, preserve and transport products. Today, packaging is seen as a multi-sensory device capable of creating experiences. With good reason, some experts say it represents the last five seconds of marketing.”

In this post, we’ll explore some of the design effects you can use in your product’s packaging that can elevate your brand by creating a memorable experience for your customers. 

Spot Gloss UV

This effect is wildly popular for all types of packaging. A glossy varnish is applied over specific areas of your packaging and then cured with UV light.

Spot Gloss UV allows you to highlight and feature various elements of your product or brand that are important for your customers to know. It allows text or images to “pop” and stand out to your customers. Its glossy character creates a sense of sophistication and luxury. 

spot gloss uv packaging effect

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Matte Lamination

Choosing the right finishing lamination for your packaging (or print!) projects can be a key factor in how you communicate the core elements of your brand. If you’re aiming to convey luxury, sophistication, and a clean, modern experience, matte lamination is the choice for you. 

In this process, a matte film is bonded to your material using a heat-activated adhesive. The finished product boasts a silky-smooth feel, no glare, and high durability for items that have high traffic (menus, price tags, etc.). Its finish is more subtle than its glossy counterpart. 

We’ve loved the trend of matte laminated magazine brands that aim to position themselves as more serious, high-end publications. 

matte lamination packaging effect

Image Credit: Kinghorn Packaging Co.


One of the most immediate and high-impact design elements for packaging is embossing, which is when certain elements on the package are raised or imprinted on the surface. The effect instantly creates an experience for buyers and creates a sense of intrigue and sophistication. Various foils can also be added to embossing to create a shimmery, luxurious effect, or the embossing can remain in its initial form. 

Actually, studies have shown that when people see a package in a store with embossing, they are more likely to pick up or touch that item, which then drastically increases their chances of buying it. 

embossed packaging effect

Image Credit: Best Awards

Metallic and Iridescent Foils + UV Inks

Talk about high-impact! Foil stamping and UV inks on packaging is a surefire way to grab customers’ attention and hold it. Don’t let the words “metallic” or “iridescent” make you think only of rainbows or gaudy Christmas garland in reds and greens. Modern businesses are using this trend to elevate their brand in creative ways, and are using a wide spectrum of colors to do so. 

For foil stamping, high heat, metal dies, and pressure and metallic or iridescent film are used in the printing process to create the effect. Usually, this is only applied to small, specific areas of a package (like Spot UV), but some companies choose to use it as the base for their whole design. UV Inks are instantly cured and dried by ultraviolet light, so these inks allow for a sharp, clear, image on your design. 

Metallic Packaging Effect

Image Credit: Henan Foils

Die Cuts

Manipulating the structural shape of your packaging is another way to elevate and differentiate your brand. Die cuts are unique shapes cut into the design of your package that allow your customers to see, touch, and experience your product. This approach is commonly used in the food and beauty industries. 

die cut packaging effect

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QR Codes

One of the best (and easiest) ways to further the experience and engagement of your customers is to include a QR code for them to scan on your product’s packaging design. This simple, small box can be the gateway to an entire world of engagement for your clients. 

Some examples of ways that businesses can use QR codes to engage customers: 

  1. Offer them a coupon or discount code after purchase.
  2. Offer an opportunity to leave a review. 
  3. Link to tutorials or recipes that can augment their experience with your product. 
  4. Link to the history or source of your product. For example, if you sell wine, link to a story about the farm where the grapes were grown!

qr code on packaging

From Spot UV to embossing to QR codes, there are truly so many options for your brand to create an experience for your clients that will stay with them and convince them that your product is the best fit for their lives. 

We specialize in all of these design elements and more here at Deal Design. To work with one of our designers on your product’s packaging from design to print manufacturing, reach out to us today. 

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