Phelps Brand Ninja Goggles Packaging Design Sets New Trend

Phelps Ninja Goggles Packaging on Table Top

San Diego, California – August 1, 2020 Deal Design collaborated with the Michael Phelps brand and Aqua Lung America to develop a new paradigm for competitive swimming goggles packaging that matches the brand’s leadership style and its founder’s legendary achievements.

Packaging for the swimming goggles market has remained largely unchanged for many years. The norm for goggle packaging has been hard plastic cases, or blister package sets with rigid back cards. 

The Phelps Brand and Aqua Lung America have dedicated themselves to reducing the use of plastics in packaging. This presented a challenge for the brand’s new high-end competition goggles: Ninja. The brand consulted with Deal Design, a leading branding and packaging design agency in San Diego, California to develop a new approach to packaging design that reduced the reliance on plastic and provided enough real estate on the package to communicate the Ninja’s advanced technology and engineering achievements. 

The packaging solution delivers a user experience that’s more like a consumer electronics product that leaves the conventional goggle retail experience in the dark ages. The graphic design and printing effects are impressive and match the leadership spirit of the Phelps brand. David Deal, principal of Deal Design explains:

“We wanted to give the consumer an interactive experience that carried through from the retail shelf to the unboxing of the product at home. To achieve this, we created a rigid box with a hinged cover that opens to reveal the technology story of the Ninja as you explore the package. When you unbox it, the goggles and unique strap design are wrapped around an engineered inner package of thin 100% recyclable PET that ensures the goggles keep their curved shape–essential to their high performance in the water. Inside the inner package are the carrying bag and sizing parts. There is very little waste. The total amount of plastic used in less than half of previous hard plastic cases and it’s 100% recyclable.”

The packaging certainly stands out when viewed alongside its competition including well-known brands like Speedo and TYR. It’s a wakeup call to the competitive swimming accessory category. 

The Phelps Brand Ninja goggles are available around the world, wherever quality sporting goods are sold.

Ninja Box Open to show inner packaging

Engineering of the inner packaging was a challenge. the circumference of the goggle frame and straps were different and needed to fit each perfectly using one mold, including pegs to lock the patented strap into place without additional wasted packaging.

Package Engineering drawings for Phelps Goggles