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By September 17, 2019 Packaging Design Blogs
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When a long-awaited product arrives at your doorstep, do you ever stop and wonder about everything that had to happen in order for it to end up in your hands? Usually, online product information or a label on the package will clue you in about where the product was manufactured, but what about the packaging? 

More often than not, the eye-catching packaging that prompts you to buy a product was sourced from manufacturers overseas. The idea of sourcing packaging from another country might evoke unease in some people. But doing so actually has more benefits and fewer complications than one might anticipate. 

Time and Money

Lead time is a common concern for people who consider sourcing packaging from overseas. When starting a project, time is an important consideration. If you’re not on a tight deadline, getting packaging from overseas suppliers is usually worth the extra time it takes.

The cost of internationally-sourced packaging is typically around half of what it would cost to produce the same result domestically. So, while a longer lead time may seem like a downside, it is typically worth the tradeoff of reduced costs for the same quality. 

Hidden Advantages

Fewer expenses and higher quality both sound great, but what about your brand’s emphasis on manufacturing products locally? The good news is, sourcing packaging materials from another country doesn’t mean you have to lose the “Made in USA” declaration. You can still market products as locally or domestically manufactured, even if the packaging is not.

Another advantage we have found through working with overseas factories is that most of the time, they are used to providing a high-quality, printed sample for just a  low cost plus shipping (and sometimes for free, depending on the type of job). Most manufacturers in the United States do not make samples for free. Instead, they require approval of the packaging based on a digital PDF and sample of the raw material being used. 

Overall, foreign manufacturers are a worthwhile option for producing high-quality packaging. 

The Value of an Agency Partnership

Understandably, working with an overseas packaging manufacturer can seem difficult if you have never done it before. There are language barriers, time zone challenges and issues of trust. That’s why it can be extremely helpful to partner with production professionals who have years of experience and existing relationships with a variety of printers.

At Deal Design, we often manufacture the packaging we design for our clients with one of our overseas partners. Because we have over 25 years of printing experience, we are able to ensure our clients get the physical result that matches exactly what they expect from our designs. 

If you go straight to a manufacturer, they will likely try to sell you on the packaging method in which they specialize. Our clients benefit from our access to hundreds of specialist manufacturers to obtain the perfect match and the best prices. Our long-standing relationships with overseas manufacturers allow for the ease of working with a U.S. agency. The end result? High-quality end results for a low cost.


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