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Selling Your Product From the Outside-in

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Importance of packaging design for new products

There is a great deal of importance in the packaging design of new product. If you are in the beginning stages of developing your new product, you may be thinking to yourself – “My product is great just on its own, isn’t that enough?” When a shopper is evaluating a new product to purchase, the packaging has significant influence on deciding between two or more competing brands. The shopper usually cannot experience the product before purchasing it. Therefore, selling the product is the job of the packaging, and it’s done from the outside-in.

Iconic packaging has a magical effect on the consumer that is equally important, as the product itself. Take an iPhone for an example; the smooth finished and simplistic matte box mimics the design sensibilities of the product inside. The iPhone and all its accessories are efficiently nested into perfectly engineered cavities, making the unpacking experience simple, deliberate, and exciting. The experience happens from the outside-in. Your packaging must emulate this promise of an exquisite experience at the point-of-purchase. The shopper is counting on the packaging to deliver a promise of the product experience to come after purchase.

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Many times packaging costs as much, or more than the product itself. Focusing time and effort on the packaging design of your product allows you to price your product higher than if it was sold inside a brown paper bag. A consumer is going to respect the value of a product if it is displayed with equally impressive packaging. Think of it like an interview – would you go to an interview for your dream job wearing gym clothes or a stylish business suit? While you may be a better fit for the company based on experience and the value you will deliver, they will most likely not hire you if you show up in gym clothes.

When considering how much you will invest in your packaging design, remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Winning the battle at the shelf with a new shopper the first time is critical. Once a consumer has found a product they like, loyalty emerges, and they will stick with what they like 9 times out of 10. Think about how much you have spent on developing your product. Isn’t that investment worth taking your endeavor across the finish line with a packaging design that closes the sale?

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