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Garbage In – Garbage Out: Understanding Image Types and DPI in Brand Design and How To Avoid Ending Up With Trash

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Understanding the physical mechanics of image types, file formats and DPI (dots per inch) is very confusing, even for some experienced graphic designers and marketers. In this article, I will attempt to make these topics easier to understand. Through better understanding you will be able to ask for, deliver and evaluate the artwork you buy and manage for your brands.

Comparison of letter e created with vector lines vs. raster artworkNotice the quality difference of the line edges in vector artwork compared to raster artwork.

Vector vs. Raster Art
There are two basic types of artwork. Regardless of what program is used to create them, edit them or place them it all boils down to these two types: Vector and Raster. The differences are significant and important to understand so you ask for the right kind from your agencies and creative resources. And, to ensure you deliver the right kind for the type of graphic application.

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