Disposable packaging design experiences the first true innovation in 50 years with Snacktops®

packaging design array of snacktops products on a white table

The ultimate goal of a packaging designer is to solve a problem with a functional and elegant solution. You know when you succeeded when a customer views your design solution for the first time and says “Wow, that’s awesome! Why did it take so long to come up with that?” This is the reaction of everyone who views Snacktops for the first time.

Deal Design was honored to be chosen by Snacktops to assist with design, branding and marketing of their concept for revolutionizing disposable grab-and-go food and beverage packaging. The product concept solves a 50-year old packaging problem with simplicity, style and increased unit sales as a lovely side effect.

packaging design for snacktops being held by two fans in a stadium watching a live eventQuick-serve restaurants (QSRs), convenience stores (C-Stores) and concession food service businesses all share a common challenge: How to enable customers to carry more in their hands when they leave the point-of-sale. For years, point-of-sale systems have been changing. Less and less restaurants, stores and businesses are using staff to serve at a till and instead there has been a move towards using multi-purpose, self-serve kiosks like those at https://kiosk.com/de/einsatzbereiche/digital-signage-kioske/. This is a good thing, but the problems for customers is that they don’t necessarily now have someone to help them load up and carry their purchases. The more they can carry, the more they are likely to buy. Everyone can relate to being at a sporting event concession counter and being aware of how many beers and hotdogs you carry back to your seat. That thought sets the limit of our purchase. Snacktops set out to solve this hand-held limitation challenge and customers are raving about the success. The patented packaging coupling system reduces this limitation and enables higher volume sales per customer. An added bonus of the utility of the design is the advertising of the food items inside. Everything is visible as the customer leaves the store instead of items being hidden in a paper bag.

A coupling system was developed to enable beverage and food packaging items to snap together and be carried in one hand. This universal coupling system also makes the buying process fun for consumers since they can snap together the items desired like Legos snap together. The connected items reduce the danger of spills while moving from checkout to your car and even while driving. The concept has given birth to over 60 patent awards across a line of lids that fit most any cup size and multiple hot and cold food containers that connect to the lids. The innovation is making big waves in the foodservice industry.

girl holding packaging design and smilingAt the 2016 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, half the fun was watching conference attendees pick-up a drink cup in one hand, a food container in the other, and snap them together. Then a quick wiggle of the combination follows to confirm the security of the lock, and then smiles, laughter and exclamations like “This is the best thing I’ve seen at this show” immediately followed. There is no greater reward than to see that kind of reaction from the people who will benefit from your product. Keep an eye out for Snacktops packaging solutions in restaurants where you shop on-the-go. Hopefully, you will get a kick out of snapping items together and knowing you heard about it here before it became part of everyday life.

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